Robinson & Price

Robinson & Price Ltd. was a Liverpool based factory of ordinaries and safeties. The firm made penny farthings in the period 1882-1892 and safeties from 1889 until ca. 1900, maybe a few years more. Brand names were Robinsons, Pembroke and R&P. (information from the Encyclopaedia of Cycle Manufacturers, VCC Ray Miller)

The 54 inch bike we see here in the pictures is not the most recogniseable bicycle in the world, so I am glad it carries a maker's plate. The oval backbone, tangent spokes and the characteristic front hub make it interesting. 
Fixed handlebars and headstock are quite standard, as is the Bown Aeolus rear hub. 

I would date it around 1887, since it already has the spade grips that became popular in that year. One or two years later most ordinaries were built as 'rationals', with larger rear wheel.  

I did not find a serial number.  The saddle, that looks old and original,  is attached like it is a racer, but it isn't. I guess at one time in history a smaller man wanted to ride this bike, so he got rid of the spring and lowered the seat. 
It is still for sale at the moment (2017) at Yesterdays, where I took these pictures in 2014.
More info on their website.